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Rolling Pin Ring/Guide Sets
Rolling Pin Ring/Guide Sets

These rings are made to fit most adjustable rolling pins. We carry the most popular size for cookie dough rolling 5/16″, along with three other sizes.

Each individual set comes with 2 rings to fit your adjustable rolling pin perfectly or you can buy the deluxe set with all sizes included (8 rings total)!

Our Busy Bakers rolling pin guides are different than many others because they are made with a hard plastic and therefore are a much better quality than a lot of the 3d printed rings on the market. You may wash them in hot water but they are not considered dish washer safe. Don’t soak them in hot water. Dry after washing.

We have had the 4 most popular size rings made for us to help bakers achieve consistency in all of their baking from fondant rolling, cookie dough making, cinnamon rolls and so much more!

Please note, these are the rings only. Adjustable rolling pins sold separately!

Set of 2 of the 3mm Rings (1/8")Set of 2 of the 6mm Rings (1/4")Set of 2 of the 8mm Rings (5/16")Set of 2 of the 10mm Rings (3/8")Deluxe Set of All Ring Sizes (8 Pieces Total)
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Busy Bakers Dual - (Fine) Tipped Markers
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Basic Rolkem Lumo Set