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Cake Pop Class
Cake Pop Class

This new class will be taught in 2 sessions. This class has already been recorded. You will get immediate access after purchasing!

In this class, you will learn how to make basic cake pop dough which can also be used for cakesicles. You will learn how I make my cake pop dough, mixing it and shaping. I will show you how to hand roll successfully and how to hand mold basic shapes. Lastly, you’ll learn how to use Cake Pop Stamps! I will show you how to paint on cake pops using Highlighter Dusts. You will learn how to melt chocolate properly, thinning chocolate (if needed), & coloring chocolate. We will also talk about pricing cake pops.

Please note that the class is taught through a private Facebook group so you must have one to participate. The class has already been recorded and is available for unlimited replay. Even though you aren’t watching it live, you can still take the class and ask questions in the group!

As an added bonus, we will go over two different ways on making cakesicles!

After you have purchased the class, you will automatically see the link after checkout. Please click the link and answer the 2 membership questions to be accepted into the FB group. Please note, you must give us the PayPal email address you used for your payment when answering the group questions so we can verify payment. Please wait up to 3 business days to be accepted into the groups (but it is usually within minutes). Thank you again for registering! Once you are accepted into the class group, all information can be found under guides.

If you forget to click the link right away, we do email you a PDF document after purchase with the class links available. You still need to follow the directions of answering the 2 class questions when requesting the FB group.

If you still can’t find it or accidentally delete it, please send us a new email and the link can be found in our auto reply.

Thank you so much!

Please do not contact us through social media for any specific questions on class registration. Email is always the best way to communicate with us before you’re accepted into the class group!

Lastly, this is a brand new class. Enrollment in previous cake pop classes does not give you access to this class!

You must join class within 90 days of paying for the class or you forfeit your seat in the class with no refunds available. After you join, you do have forever access. 

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